Wicked Workshop:
Move & Be Moved

Is your body in need of attention? Would you like to learn something while also experiencing relaxation?

Learn the basics of Thai yoga massage, the ancient massage form from Thailand!

During our (maybe stressful) daily life, our sitting and movement habits tend to build up tension in the body. This causes the body to function less optimal and maybe even lead to pain. Through the practice of yoga we can already work with our body to increase strength and flexibilty, but there’s only so much you can do yourself.

That’s where Thai yoga massage can help you out!

Thai massage is given on a mat on the floor over comfortable clothes. The whole body will be treated with passive stretches and pressure points.
When you receive the massage you can be wholly relaxed, which makes it easier to let go of tension.
When you’re giving the massage you’re physically active, because you’re moving around a lot as you’re treating the different parts of the body.
Once you get the hang of the massage flow, it becomes more meditative for both. You will be able to work with the flow of the breath while moving.

In this workshop you will learn a massage flow of about 1 hour. You will practice this protocol on each other, so you will give it and receive it too. This will allow you to learn what you have to do, but also how it is supposed to feel. At the beginning of the workshop you will receive a handout with the massage protocol. This way you can keep practicing at home on your partner, family and friends and enjoy the ancient art of Thai yoga massage.

The massage is practiced on mats on the floor while fully clothed, so no oil is used. There is no prior massage experience needed to participate in this workshop.

Practical info:

This workshop has been cancelled.


This workshop is taught by Rianne in Dutch or English, depending on the participants.



I’ve been travelling the path of yoga for over 10 years, graduating from my yin and yang yoga teacher training and Thai yoga massage trainings, 3 years ago.
Since then, I have been teaching and giving massages in different places and have expanded my knowledge about therapeutic and restorative yoga, structural bodywork and tantra. This has enriched my own practice and the practices I share with others.
My intention is inviting people to slow down to create space to feel and inhabit their bodies more. Exploring breath and movement with kindness, compassion and curiosity towards yourself and others.

For more info visit my website Vyana yoga or Vyana yoga on facebook

A minimum of 4 participants is needed for the workshop to continue and there are only 12 spots available. If there are at least five participants a week before the workshop I will confirm that it will continue. If not, already registered participants will get a full refund. Upon registration you agree with the terms and conditions as stated on vyanayoga.nl.