Day 5 of the pre-Spring Cleaning challenge!

Let’s treat your feet!
We love to hide our feet in uncomfortable fancy looking shoes and some of us don’t even like their feet that much. However, your feet are your basis. If they are happy, your whole body will benefit from it. They carry you around as you move and they are of a brilliant design.

Time to give your feet some loving attention. Try to be kind to yourself as you do this. There is a tendency to think: ‘no pain no gain’, but in yoga there is more than just the movement.
There is also the philosophy that describes some guidelines to enhance your life. One of these guidelines is called Ahimsa, which roughly means non-harming. This, you can practice towards others, but in this challenge, you can apply it to yourself.

In the video I will guide you through a simple foot massage practice with a tennis ball (you can use any small firm ball for that matter).

You can experience more self massage at our Fascial Release workshop during our Spring Cleaning weekend. Also, if you sign up and keep in touch with us, we’ll send you some more short video’s to treat more of your body.

For more in-depth info and video’s sign up here!

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