Day 4 of the pre-Spring Cleaning challenge!

Take a piece of your favourite chocolate.

Well done, you´re doing great!
Now stay with us for another five minutes to do the whole practice.

Take a seat. Now, hold the chocolate in your hand.

Look at the chocolate, with full attention. What colour does it have, how does the light fall on different parts of it and which colour differences does that create? Are there sharp edges? What does the texture look like? Look at it as if you see chocolate for the first time and see its uniqueness.

Now focus on touch. How does it feel? Does it melt? You can move it around in your hands, with your eyes closed or open and make a thorough investigation of how the chocolate feels in your hand.

Bring the chocolate to your nose, smell it with your full attention. Then bring it into your mouth, staying aware of the movements and coördination of your whole body.

We know it gets hard at this point, but try not to chew or swallow yet. Just noticing the effects of the chocolate in your mouth is enough. The longer it takes, the more the chocolate will melt in your mouth and the more your taste buds will give you signs.

And now gently chew, move the chocolate around in your mouth, let it melt fully. Don´t hurry, give yourself all the time to enjoy this piece of chocolate. It´s a meditation!

Then, experience what swallowing actually feels like. Can you feel where the chocolate goes?

Give yourself a minute. What is the effect of this practice? Please share with us!

This is an adjusted Mindfulness practice and we just love it. It helps you to be in the present moment, to concentrate and to focus. It helps you to really experience eating a whole chocolate bar, rather than chewing it away in minutes, while doing something else.

Repeat this practice daily for as long as you think it is necessary ;).

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