Day 2 of the pre-Spring Cleaning challenge!

To step out of your daily routine every now and then, creativity is the key. It will help you to avoid the sensation that you are `being lived´. Do something in a traditional way today, rather than in the usual way, or in a hurry. To us, it is so fulfilling to learn about traditions. For example, while cooking traditional recipes and find out the stories behind them. Life is richer when you give an act your full attention, from the beginning until the end.

In the picture you see how we used a traditional stone grinder to make our own almond butter. The result was delicious!

What did you do in a traditional way today? It can be in the kitchen, during your walk with the dog, at your work…. Share it with us!

Want to try this amazing (and very heavy) grinder out as well? Join our Wicked Retreat and learn to make nut butters of all kinds in sunny Portugal!

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