The beginning of the 7 day pre-Spring Cleaning challenge!

You’re in for a treat with the simple challenges we’ve designed to get you out of your wintervibe. At Wicked Retreats, we love to share our knowledge and expertise to allow you to reconnect, nourish and rediscover yourself.

In the coming 7 days we will share a daily challenge with you. They’re pictures or video’s with information revolving around food, movement and bodywork. All will inspire you to experience the present moment with the challenge you are doing at that moment.

Are you ready for your first challenge?
Here it goes!

Breathing is something we do every day, automatically. But what happens if you give it your full attention, take your time and make it as spacious as you can?
Join Rianne in this video and discover for yourself!

You can discover even more about your breath during our Breathing deepening practice at our Spring Cleaning retreat!

For more in-depth info and video’s sign up here!

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