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The Art of Not-Doing

Would you like to have some peaceful me-time? To relax without expectations and just be?

Join this Wicked Workshop
October 5th 2019 in Rotterdam Netherlands

October 12th 2019 in Belzele/Evergem (near Ghent) Belgium
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(Her)Ontdek jouw 7 zintuigen: Balans

(Her)Ontdek jouw 7 zintuigen! Dag 6: Balans Het evenwichtsorgaan registreert beweging en balans en zorgt samen met je zicht en houdingspieren dat je (fysieke) evenwicht zoveel mogelijk in stand wordt gehouden. Naast de invloeden van de zintuigen op balans is er ook de zwaartekracht welke je balans beïnvloed. Zodra je lichaam niet meer volledig ondersteund …

Wicked Workshop:
The Art of Not-Doing

Are you tired of always having to do something and being lived? Would you like to have some peaceful me-time?
Then this workshop is just what you need!

We all have busy lives where we ‘need’ to do things, meet people, be happy, social and look awesome while doing it all. Even when it comes to yoga. We maybe sometimes just want to squeeze in a class to feel like we’re taking care of ourselves. Looking at our watch or phone to check how long it might be until the final relaxation is over. And if you’re not sweating or feeling anything, then you probably didn’t work hard enough.

However, sometimes it would be great to not have to do and be all those things. Maybe this idea is a bit scary, but your body will love your for it.

Relax, no expectations, just be.

In these 2 hours you will be given time to allow your body to soften, your mind to calm down and to just ‘not-do’ for a while.
We will move a little bit at the beginning of the workshop, some gentle floorwork. Just to notice our bodies, which is easier with movement. After that, we’ll get out all the props we might need to be able to comfortably rest in some fully supported poses. You will rest in these poses for about 15 minutes.
You can discover what happens if you give yourself time, attention and space while being comfortable and passive. This is also the place where the body can start to repair and heal itself. Because now, it receives the time to do so.

Practical info:

Date: October 5th 2019
Location: Yoga Vidya, Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam, Netherlands
Investment: €25 (reserve in advance through ticketlink)

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Date: October 12th 2019
Location: Yourth, Belzeelsestraat 24 – 9940 Belzele/Evergem (near Ghent), Belgium
Investment: €25 (reserve in advance through ticketlink)

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This workshop is taught by Rianne in Dutch or English, depending on the participants.



I’ve been travelling the path of yoga for over 10 years, graduating from my yin and yang yoga teacher training and Thai yoga massage trainings, 3 years ago.
Since then, I have been teaching and giving massages in different places and have expanded my knowledge about therapeutic and restorative yoga, structural bodywork and tantra. This has enriched my own practice and the practices I share with others.
My intention is inviting people to slow down to create space to feel and inhabit their bodies more. Exploring breath and movement with kindness, compassion and curiosity towards yourself and others.

For more info visit my website Vyana yoga or Vyana yoga on facebook

A minimum of 4 participants is needed for the workshop to continue and there are only 8 spots available. If there are at least 4 participants a week before the workshop I will confirm that it will continue. If not, already registered participants will get a full refund. Upon registration you agree with the terms and conditions as stated on